Saaga 1763

Saaga 1763 Vodka retrospectively celebrates the golden moment of the era of artisan vodka right in the environs of Saint Petersburg in Estonia.

On August 5, 1763 Catherine the Great bestowed upon Estonia the right to produce and sell vodka to Russia. Estonia thus became the most prominent vodka provider in Saint Petersburg.

A pure spirit, like a good story, should remain uncensored. We start with perfect grain – carefully selected and dried 90% winter rye and 10% wheat grain, add knowledge, passion and pristine water then leave well enough alone. The result is an ultra-premium vodka that is well suited for slow sipping, fine dining and good storytelling. Saaga 1763 is so smooth you can truly enjoy it like a fine cognac or aged scotch: straight up, slow sipping.

Today we have resurrected the 18th century recipe for honest vodka. By applying modern technology to ancient knowledge and tradition – Saaga 1763 is bringing passion and integrity back to vodka. Taste it! A single sip is more convincing than any words.


Flavour: a round juicy start, slightly candent mouth, finished off with a pure fresh note.
Serving suggestion: perfect for enjoyment from a classic shot glass or a snifter.
Consumption suggestion:unclosing of aromas occurs at room temperature of 23ºC, yet can be consumed chilled at 11 ºC, iced at -21ºC or as mixed into cocktails.
Alcohol content:40%vol
Packaging:50cl, 70cl, 100cl
Attention! Alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may cause damage to your health. Consume responsibly!
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