Y2K back to the future! This legendary product is the beverage of choice for those that value dignified, undoubtedly functional things. We may live in the future, yet experience gained when we were young will stay with us our whole lives. Y2K has no desire to change for the future. Premium quality alcohol and fine-filtered water make Y2K a vodka of quality composition, easily enjoyed straight from a shot glass as well as part of a cocktail. Excellent flavour, attractive appearance and crystal clear transparency - all this in Y2K!


Flavour:excellent soft flavour
Serving suggestion:perfect for enjoyment from a classic shot or cocktail glass
Consumption suggestion:consume chilled, ice cold or as mixed into cocktails
Alcohol content:40%vol
Packaging: 20cl PET, 50cl PET, 50cl, 70cl, 100cl
Attention! Alcoholic beverage. Alcohol may cause damage to your health. Consume responsibly!
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